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May 31, 2012

simple wreath tutorial...

Every time I'm in a craft store I pass by the aisle with the styrofoam wreaths and tell myself that someday I'll attempt one. Well that day came yesterday. I put together a very simple wreath from a couple supplies. Even though I love my glue gun I only used upholstery tacks to put it all together. I probably spent more time hanging it on the door than I did making it! Here is what you'll need...

styrofoam wreath
burlap ribbon or garland
ribbon of your choice
accessories of your choice
upholstery tacks (or thumbtacks)

Begin by wrapping the burlap garland around the wreath. I placed a tack at the beginning to hold the burlap down. Try to wrap as evenly as possible so that it is spaced out evenly. 

Place another tack at the end.

Next begin wrapping your second ribbon. Space evenly again since this one will be even more visible. I placed a tack on the back at each turn to keep the ribbon from shifting.

I chose to add another ribbon. This part is up to you and also depends on what ribbon you end up selecting.

For the accessory I went into the jewelry section of the craft store. These flowers are meant for purses or headbands. I've decided they are meant for wreaths too.

Secure a loop of ribbon at the top to hang and you are done.

May 29, 2012

royal design studios giveaway...

Last week I showed you how I transformed my wall with this incredible stencil from Royal Design Studios. Would you like to do it as well? Royal Design Studios has offered one reader here at No. 29 Design a stencil of their own, $50 or less with free shipping included!

Here's what you need to do. Pay a visit to Royal Design Studio and select a stencil you'd like to use for a project. Then come back here and comment on which stencil you would like and how/where you would use it.

A bonus entry is given when you

1. Like Royal Design Studio on Facebook
2. Follow Designamour on Twitter
3. Follow Royal Design Studio on Pinterest
4. Follow No. 29 Design on Pinterest

One entry per person please!

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, June 6th at 11:59 pm EST.  A winner will be chosen at random by Random.org. 

{read the official giveaway rules here}

May 28, 2012

what do i do with this?

When I went to check out The Shops at Target a while back I had one item in mind that I wanted. I loved the look of this birdhouse from Privet House. It is a beautiful decorative piece and I always gravitate towards birdhouses and birds anyways. I love the architectural aspect of it. It has been floating around my home as I try to decide what to do with it. I like to rotate things around anyways and I especially love working the unexpected into everyday uses.

Here are my ideas about how this could be used.

{incoming mail} Everyone has that pile of mail that needs to be sorted through and dealt with. What if it lived in this charming birdhouse. The pile wouldn't be able to build up since space is limited in this place. Leaving it out in the open always helps a job get done a little faster as well. And it's pretty.

{lost sock house} We have a lot of feet in this house which means we have lots of socks. The occasional lost sock sits around until its' twin is found. Place it on a shelf in your laundry room inside the birdhouse and it won't get lost.

{extra bathroom towels} Keep some handtowels rolled up in the birdhouse and leave it in the bathroom.

{packaged soaps} Place some beautifully packaged soap in here and keep your space smelling and looking nice.

{for pretty things} Plastic fruit, large seashells, nostalgic children's toys, antique collections. I could go on and on.....

Now it's your turn. What would you use it for?

May 24, 2012

the barn door is officially done...

Including a barn door in my basement was really high on my wish list. During the process I was hoping to have it in another space, the door leading to the utility/storage area. This didn't work out because of the baseboard heating on either side of the doorway. There wouldn't be room for the door to roll on either side. The only other doorway which was not a closet was the laundry room. There was enough space to roll either way, there was no baseboard heating and it is actually very functional. You know when you are walking around the house with a full basket of laundry and there is a closed door in front of you. Unless you are extremely talented you have to put the basket down to open the door. I have tried to wedge the basket between the door frame and my hip but that just hurts. With a barn door all I do is slide the door open with my foot. And I just wanted it because it was pretty. I never thought of the functional aspect of it!

I've shown the door in it's finished stages but never showed you how I got there. The door was built out of pieces of pine. The planks were laid out and then held together with a z frame. A wooden valance was then installed along the top to hide the hardware. I originally wanted the incredible barn door hardware that is out there but there but this raised two issues. One being that it is expensive, the second is that my ceilings are not high enough. A simple track was built along the top and then hidden by the white valance. A stopper was added to the track as well as a rubber wheel placed on the bottom to guide the door. Altogether, wood included, it cost about $120 to make. Just the barn door hardware alone can cost three times that amount. 

After it was all constructed I stained it. The floors were not down yet so making a mess was not a problem. I decided on a stain since painting it a bold color would have made quite the statement, but would have restricted the design of the rest of the room. I used one coat of Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to help seal the door, then two coats of Minwax White Wash Picking Stain, which creates a slightly white stain and lets the wood show through. Using a rag helped get a less perfect look, which is what I was going for. All this helps add a slightly rustic touch to the rest of the room. 

All that was left was the door handle. I wanted something with a back plate to give it a more substantial look.This took some searching because most of the door handles with back plates are huge.  I found this handle from Pottery Barn. Perfect dimensions and finish to match with the rest of the room. 

It is definitely the conversation piece of the whole space. It is not your typical barn door, but getting the barn door look and feel was more important to me than using the hardware you usually see. It also was a great way to cut corners and get the look you want without spending too much. 

fridge coasters giveaway winner

Congratulations to ...

Mary M.

the winner of the Fridge Coaster Giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who entered. 

May 22, 2012

a sofa makeover...

When we were married almost 15 years ago one of the first items of furniture we bought was a sofa. It was a comfortable leather sofa that you could just sink into. We chose a sleeper sofa for the occasional overnight guest. It was big, heavy and perfect, at least then is was. Today, not so much. Why, you ask? I'll let the picture do the talking.

It is green, dark hunter green. Those were my colors back then. Everything I bought was burgandy, yellow, green and dark! 

I'm not in the market for a new sofa yet. I don't know if I ever will be although I'd love a sectional down there one day. For now this sofa will do. All it needed was a slipcover. I was able to find one at Target that came in two pieces, one for the sofa itself and one for the seat cushions. The pillows along the back of the sofa are attached so I needed something that fit over all of that. 

The slipcover does require a lot of adjusting, especially since this sofa has an incredible bounce factor, and my kids are bouncers. On a typical day I come downstairs to find the seat cushions half off. Other times the whole section is removed because it is so much more fun to bounce from the sofa and then onto the cushions on the floor. Considering all it has been through, this sofa has really held up. All it needed was this makeover, a little nip here and a little tuck there. 

For now there is a "brand new" neutral sofa in place, all ready for the explosion of fabric and pillows about to come its' way.

May 20, 2012

Wall stencil tutorial...

When we sectioned off our old family room into an office/guest room we created a new wall and hallway. It is a good sized hallway which will eventually fit a random piece of furniture. More on that later. 

The wall is visible when you come down the stairs from the foyer. It is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs from the basement. It needed something. I chose to end the board and batten at the top of the stairs since on the opposite side of the wall we have the painted pine panelling. 

This wall needed to stand out. I'd never used a stencil before, so when I was asked by Royal Design Studios to review a stencil of my choice, I jumped at the chance!

The wall was already painted with Benjamin Moore Brandy Cream. Trying to figure out what color to paint the stencil was the hardest part of this whole process. That is a good thing! I looked through Royal Design Studio's site and decided I preferred the stencils where the outlines were a lighter color, as in the image above. In other words, I needed to go a couple shades darker than Brandy Cream for my stencil. I tested out Benjamin Moore's Shabby Chic but felt it was too flat. I was looking for a statement. Subtle, yet still a statement, and no, that is not asking for too much!

I went to the stenciling section at Home Depot and found some items from Martha Stewart's line. There were a lot of different options to choose from and I selected the Metallic Glaze in Mercury. In the sample it showed that it was a translucent glaze with a metallic finish. 

After doing some research, I decided to use a mini roller and chose the Martha Stewart Living 4 in. x 3/4 in. Polyamide Specialty Mini Roller Covers, which comes in a 2-pack. I only used one for my wall, which is about 7 feet by 7 feet. 

I also had a small stencil sponge on hand as well as a tiny paint brush, for touch ups. I began by measuring my wall and placing my stencil in the center. The stencil comes in two pieces, the large stencil for the main sections and a small stencil to finish off the tops and bottoms of the wall. The smaller stencil came in handy for all those little spaces. 

I poured some glaze on a plate and got to work. Once the roller was totally covered I rolled it onto a paper towel two or three times to make sure the absorption was even. 

I covered the first section, took my stencil off and checked my work. It was exactly what I wanted! Subtle color with a sheen. It is hard to see in photographs, but it is shiny without the sparkle. I got to work and finished up the entire wall except the edges in about 1 hour. 

The edges of the wall were the trickiest. I ended up lightly tracing the stencil and painting those areas in. I also used a stencil sponge brush for touch ups. Once the stencil sections were done I went back in with a small paint brush and touched up using my original wall paint. The stencil was so easy to use and durable that this was barely necessary.

 That was it. By the time I was done my hands looked like the mime in Times Square, but my wall looked like this....

This wall will eventually gets its own furniture. I'm thinking an etagere in the corner with maybe a bench. I knew I had achieved my goal when my nine year old told me it looked like wallpaper. She might be only nine, but I decided to believe her.

So the stencil was a success. Easy to use and gorgeous results. I'm looking around my house now for another blank wall crying out for some style!

come see me here...
TDC Before and After

May 17, 2012

the real reason i put up board & batten...

I did not put it up because it adds architectural interest to blank walls. It had nothing to do with the fact that the tall section of white board & batten make my 7 foot ceilings feel taller. I also did not choose to do board & batten because I had been "pinning" rooms for months and they all had board & batten. 

This is the real reason I put up board & batten....

So what exactly are they doing up there? My guesses were bungee jumping off a bridge or high diving off a cliff. I'm told they were climbing up a mountain to catch and save a lion.

May 16, 2012

interior design for your fridge...

I did something huge the other day. 

I cleaned out my fridge. 

This does not happen all that often, but I had a great reason. I was given the chance to try a product called Fridge Coasters. 

Fridge Coasters are beautifully designed, super absorbent "liners" that fit inside every refrigerator no matter what type you own. Fridge Coasters should be placed in high traffic areas inside your refrigerator, under produce in the crispers and under milk and salad dressing in the doors. Fridge Coasters provide time saving function and color to the inside of your refrigerator like never before. You can choose from three different patters, chevron, polka-dots or quatrefoil. Then choose from one of four colors. 

It feels like my fridge has gorgeous flooring! The stiff liner fits snug on each shelf and also hides what is in the drawers below. For some reason it is also making me keep the fridge a little more organized. I don't want to mess up the new flooring!

Would you like to try Fridge Coasters yourself? Today is your day! Fridge Coasters is offering one lucky winner a Fridge Pack in the color of their choice.

All you have to do is....

1. Like Fridge Coasters on Facebook
2. {Follow} Fridge Coasters on Pinterest
3. {Like} No. 29 Design on Facebook
4. Follow No. 29 Design

One entry per person please!

This giveaway will be open until Thursday, May 24th at 11:59 pm EST.  A winner will be chosen at random by Random.org. 

Good luck!

{read the official giveaway rules here}

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