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Apr 30, 2012

the all finished basement..

So today is the day for the final reveal. The people are gone, the tools are gone, the dust has settled and been vacuumed up. Here's is a little before and after to see how far this place has come. We've gone from darn, dingy and dismal....

....to this. I'd add more adjectives but I'll just let you come up with your own!

{the open doorway entering the basement}
{the built in from IKEA Hemnes}

{close up}
{places for book, games and pretty stuff to come}
{lots of closets}
{closets with shelves!}
{my new favorite, a barn door}
{the laundry room}
{double locked door to the utility room}
{the play area}

I'm so excited to start unpacking, figuring out where everything goes, and having the rest of my house back. The kids actually went downstairs and played there this morning! 

Did you come up with some adjectives?

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Apr 27, 2012

the story of my laundry sink...

When we moved into this house two years ago we found a laundry sink already installed in the mudroom/laundry room. This wasn't any old laundry sink. It was not the cement kind I had grown up with. It wasn't the fiberglass kind that you see everywhere. This laundry sink is porcelain. The legs are cast iron which flare out at the bottom, There is a built-in washboard on the inside front of the sink. The faucet itself is nothing to write home about but I have plans for that.

the "before" shot
When I first told the plumber working on our home that I was going to be moving the sink downstairs and fitting it with a new faucet he tried twice to convince me to get rid of this sink and just buy a fiberglass one. I won't even dignify that by writing any more about it. 

I bought a beautiful goose neck faucet from Overstock.com. This is a kitchen faucet but the sink is so large that it fits perfectly.


My contractor did what the plumber said he couldn't. He drilled the opening for the faucet a little wider and installed the faucet with a plate covering all the old holes. This could have been risky and I could have had a cracked sink, but it worked! He actually texted me and said it cracked as a joke. I was in the car with my kids, I said a bad word and texted back, "oh well..." When he called back to say he was joking all he could hear were my kids saying, "Mommy said a bad word!" My bad.

the "after" shot
The plumbing still needs to get hooked up and the sink needs some heavy duty cleaning, but I think it is happy in its new home.

Apr 26, 2012

what a difference a floor makes...

So the flooring is officially going down. I love it. I wasn't too excited that I was forced to change to another style of flooring but it actually really works well in that space. The difference is incredible. Everything else has been done for a little while, but once the floor went in it all just came together. The board and batten is so much more visible against the warm wood look-a-like.

The faint gray blue, Behr Breaker, in the laundry room didn't show that much before the floor was down. I was wishing that I had done a slightly darker shade. Now that the floor is in the color pops! I'm so glad I stayed with what I had. 

Flooring is the final piece that brings the whole room together. It can be a low cost floor like the TrafficMaster Allure that I chose, or something else. In my last house I had chosen all the flooring as well. We went with hardwood floors throughout the entire downstairs and carpeting upstairs. I had it in my head that I wanted tile in the front hall so I kept my eyes open every time I made a trip to Home Depot. I was walking towards the front getting ready to pay for something when I saw a Granite Tile Display at the end of one aisle. It was a beautiful soft gray granite on sale for $4 a square foot. There was enough there to cover my front hall so I called my dad to come and check it out and I sat. I sat on top of the number of boxes I needed, just in case someone tried to take them out from under me. My dad showed up, told me I wasn't seeing things and that this was great tile. 

Even though it was put in a very small space, this tile was a great addition to the front hall. It was always commented on and made an otherwise boring space a little more interesting.

Apr 25, 2012

vinyl crafts giveaway...

Today's giveaway is being offered by Becky from Vinyl Crafts, which specializes in wood signs, vinyl decor and so much more! 

Becky is offering one lucky winner a $70.00 gift certificate toward anything in her store. There are so many beautiful items to choose from I wouldn't know where to start! 

I love this first one, my husband and I have a running joke about this....

 Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Nothing like a subtle reminder.

This street reminder is a sweet way to chronicle where you have lived. 

Something for the kiddos...

 House rules for a toddler, as well as other ages.

Big bold artwork for any room in the house.

Do you want to know how you can win?

1. Head on over to Vinyl Crafts, do some virtual shopping and come back and let me know which item   
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2. {Like} facebook.com/vinylcrafts. (Let her know who sent you!)
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One entry per person please!

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, May 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.  A winner will be chosen at random by Random.org. 

Good luck!

{read the official giveaway rules here}

Apr 24, 2012

the floor dilemma...

Choosing which flooring I'd be putting downstairs was the easiest part of our whole renovation project. We had already covered the floor in our former family room level with TrafficMaster Allure in American Walnut and had no problem choosing it again for many reasons. You can take a mop to it, it is vinyl, and it looks real. Having the flooring continue onto the level below makes the entire space seamless.

We have been waiting on this flooring for a couple weeks since it is special order. Today we were told they had ordered 24 boxes of Black Walnut by mistake. Not good. 

Here are my options. Option number one is to wait another three weeks for the new floor to come in. During this three week time period we can continue to run circles around each other on the main living floor. The toys and items my children have been itching to find again will continue to be hidden under the blue tarp in the former playroom. The back three season porch, which I always love this time of year, will not be played in or enjoyed. It is currently filled floor to ceiling with bins and storage boxes.

Option number two is to choose a different floor. One that is in stock. Take a big guess which option I went with.

After looking at all the other colors and wood types  this TrafficMaster Allure comes in I narrowed it down. I chose the Teak option. The color is a bit warmer and lighter, but I mainly chose it because the grain is the same scale. Yes, I looked at that. 

american walnut


I'd rather not have to make this switch but I cherish my sanity at this point. Bye bye American Walnut, hello Teak!

Apr 23, 2012

i have a door...

A barn door at that. I've let the secret out that I have a barn door obsession. My hope was to have it be the large door that would slide open for access to the storage/utility room. This didn't happen mainly because there were baseboards for the heat on either side of the door so the door wouldn't be able to slide left or right. Not to mention that the bigger the doorway, the heavier the door. 

This left me looking around the room at what other doors I had to get this look. I had one more normal sized door that wasn't a closet and that was the door to the laundry room. I was hoping to get a look like the door below.

A simple door on a black track. I knew the hardware was expensive, but this door would serve as a type of artwork for the room. Right off the bat we ran into a few problems. First of all the height above the doorway was not enough to install the track and the wheel hardware. Instead of spending almost $400 on the typical barn door hardware we settled on a simple track system from Home Depot for about $40. This hangs over the doorframe and will be hidden by a wooden valance which will come down and meet flush with the bottom of the door frame. The door slides to the left and has a bumper as well as a guide roller along the bottom. 

The door itself was constructed out of pine boards. I went back and forth as to how I'll be finishing this off. I love the bold colors of some of the barn doors I've seen on Pinterest. I decided against choosing a color since it would dictate how I designed this room from here on out. I then contemplated white but decided that wouldn't have enough contrast with all the board and and batten going on around the door. I then found a whitewash stain from Minwax called White Wash Pickling. It is hard to see in the sample below but it has a blue gray tone to it. The grains of wood are visible through it and it will contrast nicely with the white board and batten as well as the faint blue gray laundry room behind it.

Here is what we have so far. The valance as well as the staining haven't been done yet. The valance will hide whatever steel hardware is visible now. I'll also be adding a handle to the outside of the door on the right side.


I couldn't resist shutting myself in the laundry room to see how it looked closed. I'll be doing another project in here to tie the door and the laundry room together a bit more. 

So the barn door that I've planned on and hoped would make it into this basement has arrived. This doesn't mean I'll stop adding to my barn door Pinterest board. It just means I'll add my own to the group.

Apr 19, 2012

lisa leonard designs giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered. 
Mandy, please send an email so you can claim your beautiful jewelry!

Apr 18, 2012

a laundry room


I have some work and planning ahead of me since I now have a new laundry room. I've never had a dedicated laundry room before so I'm slightly excited! That is an understatement. 

In my first apartment the laundry was in the basement for everyone to use. It did come in handy since it was in the actual building we were in. Plus my husband and I made out first "couple" friends, who we are still close to,  by bumping into them doing laundry. 

Our second apartment was in a three family home. No laundry on site. That meant gathering all the laundry on the weekend and spending Saturday doing a couple loads at the laundromat. It also meant occasionally bringing it to mom and dad's house. 

Next we built a house. I put the laundry in a closet in the bathroom upstairs. Within a couple of weeks I realized this was a bad set up. First of all to open the bi fold doors you had to shut yourself inside the bathroom. There was no place to put the dirty laundry so there were always piles on the floor. I eventually took the doors off and replaced them with curtains. That solved the door issue but not the piles on the floor issue. 

Once we had our first child I realized that having the laundry upstairs was not a good thing in a totally different way. Being a new mother I was working around the schedule of a tiny baby. I did not even consider the idea that she could nap while a load of laundry was running. What if she woke up when the dryer beeped? What if the spin cycle of the washing machine disturbed her slumber? Move ahead a couple of years and baby number three took all his naps in the car with two other kids chatting and singing along to their Disney mix. 

So the laundry was done in the tiny windows of time between morning naps, afternoon naps, lunches, snacks, bath time and bedtime. Add on two more kids, boys this time who would create chaos if left alone for a second. This meant the piles on the floor never disappeared. They just grew into mountains. 

When we moved into our new house I was happy to have the laundry in the mudroom. I walk through this room everyday so the routine of throwing in a load of laundry is easy. We now have five people in the family so we have piles again. Volume, not timing, is the problem this time. This is a small room so there is not too many places to put those piles. Once we made plans to finish the basement I knew this would include a laundry room. Something with storage, a place to put dirty clothes, a little pretty added on the side, and not too much else. Just a laundry room. 

Apr 17, 2012

eye candy

In my previous home I had a blank wall in my kitchen next to the kitchen table. Using two curtain rods and clip rings I would hang my children's artwork. I don't have a clear shot of it so I'll share some pictures I found online of the same idea. It was a great solution without having to plaster the fridge with artwork. I cleaned it out pretty regularly to not clutter up the space. I know the idea was copied in many other homes!

apartment therapy
project nursery


Apr 16, 2012

my house smells like paint

That is a good thing, actually a great thing. After this comes the floor, some minor finish work like door knobs, handles, and my personal favorite, the barn door. Little happy dance going on for that one! Then we are done on that floor. Finished, finit, terminado, teliomenofinito. 

The board and batten pattern, doors and all the woodwork are painted bright white, while I've chosen Brandy Cream by Benjamin Moore for the section of the walls above the board and batten. 

benjamin moore brandy cream
So this is what it looks like today. The floor is not down yet but seeing the paint on the walls really makes it feel like we are almost there! Take a look...

The laundry room needs one more coat of paint. I chose Behr's Breaker which is a very faint gray blue. 

behr breaker
Once the dark floor is down this color will really pop. I have a lot planned for this room, especially the wall in the second photo. Stay tuned!

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