Jun 16, 2012

the hand...

I purchased this hand a little while ago and I promised that I would explain why. It looks strange and I'm pretty sure my three year old is afraid of it. Here is my reasoning. 

Bringing random decorative accents into the home might be easy to do. Finding accents with meaning is a little more difficult. When something has meaning because it might be an heirloom, from your travels or a gift from someone special, it makes sense to have it in your home. Picking up something at Target because you just like it works as well, but finding something random and making it your own makes it personal. 

Here is my example. All students at one time or another doodle. Notebooks are always filled on the margins with whatever your personal doodle was (past tense since I haven't been a student for quite a while). My high school and college notebooks were filled with hands. I would pose my left hand on my desktop and draw that. Everywhere. 

When I saw the hand I was reminded of that. The color was not what I would go for, but since it was in the clearance section I went for it. A couple coats of spray paint later and this is what I've got...

It has definitely lost the creepy factor. When I explained the "hand story" to my nine year old she thought we should add a pencil to it to help explain the story a bit more. She takes after her mama!


  1. I have to give you a hand...I adore the story behind this, I love it white and I think it's interesting and funky.

  2. Ohh.. how fun is that?! I would doodle hearts and anchors. Im still obsessed with anchors. Love the new color :)

  3. I've seen such hands in the blogland and I'm very fond of them. However I haven't seen them anywhere in the Greek market *sigh*!


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